Making our mark in dairy

In Milk and Dairy Segment, we are working collaborations with companies with superlative technology and innovative product in Milk and Dairy segment to make these products available for our customers back in our country. This will help us establish as one of the best players in this segment competing with bigger brands in this space.

In December 2008, we made our foray into the dairy business, acquiring a majority stake in Creamline Dairy Products Limited. We sell milk and milk-based products under the brand name “Jersey”. With an aggregate processing capacity of about 1.36 million litres per day and 119 chilling centres.. We also operate our own dedicated dairy parlours across major cities.

We aim to create significant value by developing successful brands and add more value-added products to our current portfolio.


We have a wide range of offerings, right from homogenised to specialized. An excellent innovation in the category is Enrich D, a premium offering of milk fortified with Vitamin D. Our strong commitment to 100% quality, food safety, consumer health and good manufacturing practices ensures that our brand of milk has consistently great brand recall among our consumers.

Milk Products

We sell a vast range of high-quality milk products, right from curd, lassi, butter milk and flavoured milk to paneer, ghee and other value-added products. They are rich in taste. Our range of ice creams are a real treat. They are available in different packs and flavours.