We absolutely believe in the importance of diversity within ICL. Diversity is the philosophy of who we are as a company.

At ICL, we recognise and value the diversity of our people, their perspectives and experiences.
For 10 years now, trust and equity have been the pillars of our people philosophy and culture.

We take much pride in fostering an inclusive environment for all ICL. This commitment to
being a diverse and inclusive organisation, also enables us to serve over
1.1 billion global citizens across differences in gender, caste, creed, age, background,
income, sexual orientation, marital status, physical ability and nationality.

ICL Resource Groups

Bringing together people with common backgrounds, interests and perspectives

The ICL Women’s Leadership Network is a platform to help our women team members better manage their professional development and address any concerns that they might have. It offers mentoring, leadership development and regular networking opportunities. Through this platform, we aim to make ICL a workplace of choice for the best woman talent.

ICL Resource Groups

ICL Alliance for Parents

The ICL Alliance for Parents is a resource group for working parents at ICL. Our team members, often with their spouses and partners, share experiences through meetings, parenting sessions and workshops. The discussions range from childcare, children’s education to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

What's in it for you?

Work-life continuum

We understand that our team members play multiple roles and our policies like work from home and flexi or part time work are designed to enable them to do so.

More time with your kids

New parents can avail of a fully paid six-month maternity leave, three-month adoption leave or a 10-day paternity leave option. Our on campus crèche ensures that ICL are never too far away from their children, even at work!

Health first

Apart from curative healthcare, which includes unlimited sick leave, dispensary facilities and reimbursement of hospitalization bills, we also ensure preventive healthcare for ICL by providing regular health checkups and subsidised gym and sports facilities.

Learning as a journey

Our ‘whole brain’ approach to learning is designed to empower our teams with skills that go much beyond their core work. From group workshops with industry leaders to one-on-one sessions, we work with our people to create future generation leaders with a more holistic outlook.